Friday, November 30, 2018

Dental Implants and Its Types

There are very rare people who never have to visit a dentist in their lives for treatment of cavities. Just like you have to work on maintaining your body to avoid health issues, the same goes for oral care as well. But as we still fall sick at times so it gets very usual to develop dental problems which may get only treated with the right care from a reputed las vegas dentist. So, if you are not informed about the treatment of dental implants, here we bring you some important information related to them.

Dental implants are preferred to deal with different type of dental issues like chipped or diseased teeth to avoid any medical issues related to mouth which can affect your routine life. These are mainly of four major types and the selection of the treatment entirely depends on the need of a patient that if they need to be treated with las vegas dental implants or veneer session.

Two-stage implant: this type of treatment is generally done with a surgery as it needs to place the implant into the jaw bone. However, this treatment takes a little longer because a patient has to wait for a few months to heal the surgery and then the second stage starts with exposing the implant with abutment and restoring the tooth with a crown.

Endosteal implant: endosteal implants are only preferred by the doctors in case a patient needs to be treated with bridge or dentures. The process of treatment of endosteal implant is very similar to the two-stage implant as the implant are placed into jawbone with the aforementioned treatment option.

Single stage implant: this type of implant surgery is done using a longer implant placement into the jaw bone so that the top of implant stays exposed. However, this treatment requires a lot of time in order to restore the tooth with a crown as it takes several months to heal. But this process does not require a second surgery to expose the implant and placing abutment.

Subperiosteal implant: subperiosteal implants are also done by placing an implant into jawbone while a metal post is used to hold the entire restoration. They are mostly used on the patients who are in need of single stage treatment.

So, if you too are worried about the dental implants and the process of las vegas dental implants, you need to simply visit your dentist to avoid such surgeries or seeking the right treatment.

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